Saturday, February 12, 2011

New blog

Bare with me! I'm trying to set up my blog while taking care of my baby, crocheting and working!! AHH!!


  1. Hi my name is jenny I had you and your sister in law make me a sock monkey hat a few weeks ago and got to use it in a photoshoot and i loved it :)you can see it on my blog at

    I was wondering if you make the mohawk hats? and i would also be intersted in a stork pouch both for a photoshoot i have next weekend.
    let me know thanks you so much.

  2. Hey Jenny! Those pictures turned out so darling! I don't have a pattern as of yet for the mowhawk hat but I will look into it and let you know. As for the pouch I would love to make one for you. Do you have a particular color that you want?